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Chronology of the A.C. Historical Society, compiled by Marjane Ambler, revised 11-2012 (pdf file)


Letter from Senator John Barrasso on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the A.C. Historical Society (pdf file)



          An eclectic collection of folks--Atlanticans and others--comprise the Atlantic City Historical Society. The group is interested in preserving the history of Atlantic City, Wyoming, the surrounding gold mines and mills, and the stories told and recounted by local area residents and those who knew or know the characters of the region.


          Society meetings occur once a year on the last Saturday of August. Keep an eye peeled on our FaceBook page for details of the next annual gathering. While you're there, be sure to "like" us.





          The Atlantic City Historical Society put on a play, That Gold Mine in the Sky, that was arranged, edited, and directed by Dave Geible. Click the left image for the play's program. Philippina Halstead drew the Cariboo Mill on the program's cover. Click the right image for the teacher's guide to accompany the play. The guide, written by Michael A. Massie, includes local history and a wonderful, thought-provoking social commentary related to Atlantic's boom-bust cycle. The image on the right is taken from a photograph of the "Good Hope Mine" by Norm Weis, 1965.



This page will expand in the future to capture photos and tales of historic significance related to the region. If you have pictures or stories you'd like to submit for inclusion, please go to the Miner's Delight Inn B&B's "Reach us" page and send the inn an email; Barbara and Bob will ensure your information gets to the right person.


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Mary Ellen gold mill

Duncan mine & mill

Carissa mine & mill

Playbill for Mike McClure's photo display and the play